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Some years ago, locating and tracking of the phone is not possible because of some security concern and it is only possible by only or government agencies and security agencies. But now there are thousands of apps available online through the use of these apps, you can easily hack or track the location of the mobile phone of anyone in very easy manner. Here we introduce mobile application; by using this app you can easily track the location of a cell phone by number.

How to Track a Cell Phone Location Without Being Detected

TheTruthSpy is the most innovative and powerful software application to spy and track any mobile device and it offers highly innovative features. With the use of this application, you can track and spy any mobile device remotely or invisibly. This app is very easy to use and install and it can compatible with any Smartphone device.

With the help of this feature, you can track the location of the mobile phone by number and it does not matter which country it belongs to. Because it has its own database which stores the specific location, address, city, and country from any number mobile device.

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As the Supreme Court mulls over the case of Carpenter v. United States , which may have far-reaching consequences for police who track suspects without a warrant via their cellphones, four engineers at Princeton University have revealed a brand-new method for identifying the location of a cellphone user. The result of their ingenuity is as remarkable as it is alarming. And while the ramifications of this ability falling into the wrong hands are distressing, the way in which they pulled it off is nothing short of genius.

But as it turns out, neither cell-site data nor locational services are needed to track a cellphone owner with GPS-like precision.


Your cellphone comes equipped with an amazing array of compact sensors that are more or less collecting information about your environment at all time. All of this data can be accessed by any app you download without the type of permissions required to access your contact lists, photos, or GPS. Previous attempts to track users with non-critical data have seen only marginal success. This newly discovered method requires none of these. First, for this particular privacy attack to work, the cellphone owner must install an app to gather the information. But in a true threat scenario, the app could be disguised as anything.

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  • How To May 17, Michael Rosman. New technology, like the undetectable spy apps for Android and iPhone and a Real-Time cell phone locator makes cell phone tracking easier than ever.

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    Cell phone monitoring is usually done for one of three reasons; to track your cheating spouse, to make sure your child is safe, or to make sure your employees are where they should be. Want to learn how to track a cell phone? There are a number of ways including an undetectable spy app for android and iPhone!

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    Read on! Android and iPhone spy apps will find the location of a smartphone quickly and efficiently.

    How do you track phone number locations?

    Interesting in using one? Check out our list of the best cell phone spy apps! For more details about this tracking method, click here.